Embroidery is a great way of promoting your brand.

It’s also a great way to personalise a special gift for someone.

To embroider a logo or design, first a ‘stitch’ file needs to be created, in a process called digitising. We provide a custom digitising service because the quality of your embroidery is directly linked to the quality of the file we have to work with.

Your design only needs to be digitised once. Once we have created it we keep it on file, making repeat orders easy.

We also offer a large library of plain text fonts to choose from. These fonts can be embroidered in various sizes and colours with no additional digitising costs.

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Our standard turn-around time to complete orders is 7 days from the date you confirm the job, but every order is different. Completion time can vary depending on the size and complexity of your job and the number of orders already in progress.

If you have a deadline to meet, don’t delay.

We take the hassle out of getting urgent jobs completed on time. Contact our friendly team today and find out how we can help.



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For general pricing information, see the table below:

Decoration Type Colour Quantity Price/Unit
Text Only Multi 1 $22.00
Text Only Multi 2-9 $13.20
Text Only Multi 10+ $8.80
Text Only Setup <10000 stitches Per Design Included in Unit Price
Custom Design Multi 1-9 $13.20
Custom Design Multi 10+ $8.80
Custom Design Setup <10000 stitches Per Design $49.50


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